March 7, 2024

House meets Friday in the wake of redefining municipal elections for Budget reading

No Orders of the Day have been posted on the National Assembly website as per normal before a meeting. Expected to be at the top of [...]
December 14, 2023

Economic growth in third quarter dragged down by off-seasons in agriculture, manufacturing sectors

Belize produced just under $1.2 billion in goods and services for July to September 2023, up 3.4 percent from the same period in 2022. The tertiary [...]
June 28, 2023

DigiWallet issues important notice to Atlantic Bank customers

DigiWallet Customers can expect a few changes when making an attempt to add DigiCash through the Bill Payment Feature. To avoid any confusion DigiWallet has given [...]
February 6, 2023

Telemedia on the hook for more than 400 thousand dollars to 15 former employees

High Court Justice Sonya Young issued her decision on January 4, ruling for the ex-employees for a combined sum of $409,919.04 along with six percent interest [...]
November 16, 2022

Digi almost finished with restoring infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Lisa

Digi issued an update this week, noting that restorative works in the southside and northside of Belize City, along with works in Burrell Boom Village were [...]
October 27, 2022

Cabinet approves revised license and fee structure for the telecommunications industry

An amendment to the Telecommunications (Licensing Classification, Authorization and Fee Structure) Regulations, 2021, will clarify the various classifications of licenses, services to be provided under various [...]
October 1, 2022

BTL “doubles up” on dividends after $10.7 million profit rebound

It was also the annual general meeting day, and company chairman Mark Lizarraga announced that dividend prices per share doubled compared to last year, as a [...]
January 4, 2022

Central Television and Internet and Centaur Cable to acquire Southern Cable Network, establishing national duopoly

In the first case, Central Television and Internet (CTI), the former Baymen Cable Network, acquired Channel Broadcasting Cable (CBC) in November – its main competitor in [...]