September 24, 2015

Faith Nazarene saga continues

The problem has now been reincarnated and the Ministry of Education issued a press release in regards to the matter, stating that children have the right [...]
September 17, 2015

Muffles Highschool holds annual symposium

The symposium which is held just before the Independence Day festivities sees one student from each form level, write a speech surrounding the September Celebration’s theme [...]
September 17, 2015

Sports Ministry starts skipping rope program for primary schools

Teachers from 70 schools in the Belize, Corozal and Cayo District were trained by representatives of the Caribbean Sport Development Association of Trinidad and Tobago earlier [...]
September 15, 2015

Parents keep kids away from Faith Nazarene

Despite the teachers' wish not to hurt their students by depriving them of school days, apparently parents are still adamant on Pech's removal. General Manager of [...]
September 14, 2015

All Saints gets new school building

This new, 2 storey, concrete building, consists of six classrooms and bathrooms on each floor, with all necessary utilities for effective learning and will eradicate the [...]
September 12, 2015

Classes to resume at Faith Nazarene Primary School

This strike by the teachers caused the more than 400 students to miss out on a week of classes as mediation between education officials and the [...]
September 12, 2015

San Pedro Mayor in trouble with MOE

Guerrero did so even after receiving a letter on Wednesday, denying his request for a school holiday and the MOE issued a press release today, condemning [...]
September 8, 2015

Ministry limiting involvement in Faith Nazarene dispute

Her case has been taken to the Teaching Services Commission (TSC) and in the meantime the General Manager of Nazarene Schools has control of day to [...]