November 8, 2019

South African drought situation highlights climate change concerns felt even in Belize

The video, which premiered on Tuesday, showed BBC Correspondent Andrew Harding visiting the Nqweba Dam in Graaff-Reinet to find it completely empty and over 40,000 residents [...]
October 10, 2019

“Caribbean running out of time to adapt for climate change,” says new research

The paper, “Future Caribbean Climates in a World of Rising Temperatures: the 1.5 vs 2.0 Dilemma” written by Professors from the University of west Indies (UWI) [...]
September 26, 2019

Caribbean islands cannot survive climate change,” says Barbados Prime Minister

"The real solution is for us to not keep asking people to make commitments that are small ... but the global community must accept it is [...]
August 25, 2019

Brazilian President deploys military to fight Amazon forest fires amidst mounting international pressure

Earlier today, the Brazilian military released a video of a warplane dropping water on an area in the forest, which currently has over 2,500 active fires. [...]
August 25, 2019

Region suffering from drought, Belize hit the hardest

GDACS data says that Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and El Salvador have all been affected by the drought, noting that Belize is among the hardest [...]
August 17, 2019

Sargassum hits Belize hard

Breaking Belize News has confirmed that beaches in Placencia are now covered with the seaweed, which emits a putrid odor when it begins to decompose. The [...]
August 5, 2019

July 2019 was the hottest month ever

The C3S said that the month marginally beat out the month that previously held the record, July 2016, by 0.04 degrees Celsius (0.072 Fahrenheit) but also [...]
July 1, 2019

Ambassador Lois Young calls out countries for trying to “erase science” at UN Climate Change meeting

Young, speaking at the Bonn Climate Change Conference (SB50) hosted by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) last week, said several oil-producing countries [...]