January 9, 2023

Government launches emergency intervention for erosion in Isabella Bank

The road through the village, located in the Belize River Valley, has begun to deteriorate due to erosion and was quickly becoming a hazard for motorists.
January 8, 2023

Belize District residents concerned about erosion in Isabella Bank

Residents reached out to Breaking Belize News this weekend showing massive erosion from the Belize river eating away at the side of a road in northern [...]
January 7, 2023

Port Authority congratulates Kaylon Young on Master’s degree in Maritime Affairs

On Friday Minister of Public Utilities Michel Chebat and the Port Authority issued their congratulations. In a statement, the Authority said, “As Belize prepares for the [...]
January 6, 2023

California university recognizes Maya ‘forest gardener’ Narciso Torres

Torres was nominated by archaeologist Anabel Ford for the Chancellor’s Award after decades of collaboration. Chancellor Henry Yang, according to Ford, “…is highlighting the importance of [...]
January 4, 2023

Jon Ramnarace’s death a loss for the environmental community – Wildlife Conservation Society

Ramnarace worked in fisheries and according to WCS “[supported] many national initiatives intended to help safeguard Belize’s marine and terrestrial resources. These included the national rollout [...]
December 30, 2022

Resilient Rural Belize Programme receives US$5 million loan from Caribbean Development Bank

By Rubén Morales Iglesias: The Resilient Rural Belize programme (RRB) is receiving a US$5 million loan from Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) to improve agricultural production and resilience [...]
December 29, 2022

Waterloo appeals rejection of Port of Belize cruise port and cargo expansion project

News of WIHL's appeal came by way of a Facebook page called Belize Marine Life and was later confirmed by the Government of Belize. Belize Marine [...]
December 28, 2022

All planets will be visible in the sky tonight

By Benjamin Flowers: All planets will be visible in the night sky tonight, reports the Daily Mail.