February 5, 2020

Jevon Belizaire fined for harm in street-side altercation over bicycle

She told Belizaire that he can be sentenced to up to 5 years for harm but she will impose a fine as opposed to giving him [...]
February 5, 2020

It’s still about the base; Faber claims he has “majority” of leadership race delegates

Because of the support of a majority of his Cabinet colleagues, Saldivar is seen as the front runner. Faber, however, maintains he enjoys the support of the [...]
February 5, 2020

Patrick Faber says Lev Dermen scandal weakens UDP’s chances for re-election

In an interview with reporters, Faber indicated that his opponent’s name being called in the accused Armenian fraudster Lev Dermen’s case means “our party has taken [...]
February 4, 2020

Tensions ease between Education Ministry and Teachers’ Union; “progress” on issues reported

She added that the Union has no need or wish to attack the Government at its weakest and in an election year, and received the public [...]
January 31, 2020

As novel coronavirus spreads, Belize implements soft travel restrictions

Following the WHO's declaration, the Ministry of Health in Belize decided to "scale up its surveillance efforts at the principal ports of entry".
December 22, 2019

BREAKING: Two officers reportedly shot in Santa Cruz

According to eyewitness reports, Belizean authorities were pursuing ‘contrabandistas’ to confiscate a load of goods. The ‘contrabandistas’ reportedly crossed over into the Mexican side of the [...]
December 21, 2019

Benque Viejo resident Wuillian Orellana crushed to death last night in freak accident

The victim has been identified as Wuillian Orellana, a resident of Benque Viejo. Orellana and others were working at the company's worksite when he was accidentally [...]
December 18, 2019

Senior citizen car washer busted with crack cocaine

Magistrate Stephanie Gillett found the car washer guilty despite his telling the court that 85.6 grams (3.01 ounces) of crack did not belong to him.