July 21, 2015

Support Clari Gladys Novelo in dengue fight

Her family will be holding a barbeque sale on Wednesday beginning at noon at #12 Cayo Street, Trench Town Area, San Ignacio Town. They will sell [...]
July 21, 2015

More drinking among men and women in the Americas

30% of men drink as many as five alcoholic drinks at one occasion at least once a month since 2005; 13% of women do so. The [...]
July 16, 2015

It’s craboo season in Belize!

The excitement increased when there were different types to pick up including the big green or red ones and the regular yellow craboo.  I remember eating [...]
July 8, 2015

Single mom is $425,000.00 richer after winning Mek Mi Rich lottery

She officially won $500,000 playing the draw aired on Thursday, July 2, where the winning numbers were 30, 14, 28, 13 and 3. On Tuesday she [...]
July 2, 2015

PM answers PUP questions about Guatemalans being given citizenship

Despite that incident, many topics were still touched in the sitting and one of the questions asked by the People’s United Party was in regards to [...]
June 15, 2015

Ebenezer Methodist Primary School receives donation from SMART

The feeding program was born from the concept that a hungry child cannot learn and has been receiving financial aid from the Rotary Club to keep [...]
June 5, 2015

Love FM’s “Punta Fuego Outstanding Fisher of the Year Award”

Punta Fuego is a fictional coastal village in Belize, where a young fisherman by the name of Richie is put to the test when deceit and danger [...]
May 29, 2015

Where does Belize fit into Pangea?

Friday, May 29th 2015. BMG: Formed about 300 million years ago, Pangae was a supercontinent that incorporated almost all the landmasses on Earth, and according to [...]