December 9, 2023

Mexico wants Orange Walk’s Nimrod Tillett for ‘femicide’ murder – remanded pending January extradition hearing

In the New Year, he will learn whether he is to be extradited to Quintana Roo, Mexico, to be tried for the 2019 murder of a [...]
December 4, 2023

Minister of Sustainable Development, Climate Change, and Disaster Risk Management leads Belize delegation to COP28

“It has been eight years since the Paris Agreement, and the need for actionable progress toward achieving the 1.5-degree target has never been more pressing. Today’s [...]
December 4, 2023

International News: Venezuela approves referendum on sovereignty over Essequibo region of Guyana

The Government of President Nicolas Maduro argues the land was “stolen” from Venezuela when the border was drawn more than a century ago; Guyana maintains the [...]
November 29, 2023

Texas seeks Belmopan businessman Osmar Correa to be tried for DUI manslaughter – extradition proceedings begin

Correa lived in the state of Texas when in 1998, he is believed to have absconded while out on bail for a charge of manslaughter while [...]
November 28, 2023

Churches hold prayer rally for Israel at National Assembly

A statement explains, “All of us want this war and the dying to end! These are all people that Jesus Christ died for! The Bible says [...]
November 26, 2023

International News: Ukraine grapples with problem of holding scheduled elections during Russia war

The issue has been hotly debated but Ukraine is under martial law which prohibits the holding of any election, including a presidential one.
November 22, 2023

March for Palestine: Belizeans defiant as they take over downtown area

Prime Minister John Briceño, at the head of the grouping, succinctly summarized the national position as advocated by the Government: “We condemn Hamas, Israel has a [...]
November 20, 2023

Ministry of Sustainable Development issues response to “False List” of COP28 Delegates

As of Friday, no final list of such delegates had been prepared and ministries and partners are at present deciding how and who will participate in [...]