November 20, 2023
gaza and israel conflict

Israel’s former Ambassador to Belize suggests tourism, business connections will be lost with suspension of diplomatic ties

The decision puts Belize on a short list of countries that have also cut diplomatic ties with Israel including Bolivia and South Africa.
November 20, 2023

Statesmen get scolding from Opposition Leader: “Prime Minister in waiting” complains of “message of extremism and selective outrage”

Barrow discusses multiple international present conflicts, some of which others have cited, asking why these Belizean elders have not pushed the Government to comment on them: [...]
November 16, 2023

Former Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers back GOB stance on Israel: “there are no two sides to a genocide”

In their previous separate statements, former Prime Ministers Said Musa and Dean Barrow (who were both also Ministers of Foreign Affairs) and former Ministers Assad Shoman [...]
November 16, 2023

Government responds to churches, clarifies immigration status with Israel and repeats Hamas condemnation

It clarified that there are no obstacles to Belizeans visiting the Holy Land as claimed by the Belize Council of Churches as no visa is required. [...]
November 16, 2023

Major church organizations speak on Israel-Hamas war: “Jesus Christ is our Peace”

Belmopan’s “unfortunate” decision taken this week, the Council says, “increases obstacles for Belizeans wanting to visit the Holy Land… and fails to foster the dialogue necessary [...]
November 14, 2023

CARICOM Secretary-General highlights areas of cooperation with Africa on reparations at international conference

In reiterating that the obtaining of reparations from Europe is a priority for the region, Dr Barnett shared that CARICOM heads of Government, including Belize’s John [...]
November 1, 2023

Will Belize send Police officers to Haiti?

With a representative of the National Police of Haiti in Belize for the General Assembly of Chiefs and Directors of Police of Central America, Mexico, and [...]
October 31, 2023

Opposition United Democratic Party calls on Venezuela to respect Guyana’s territorial integrity

In a short statement it said, "In the interest of peace, security and regional stability we encourage Venezuela to yield to International law and resolve this [...]