November 20, 2023
gaza and israel conflict

Israel’s former Ambassador to Belize suggests tourism, business connections will be lost with suspension of diplomatic ties

The decision puts Belize on a short list of countries that have also cut diplomatic ties with Israel including Bolivia and South Africa.
November 18, 2023

Jamaican immigrants headed back home after Immigration charges dropped

The group, respectively identified as Horace Antonio Boyd, 32; Romain Dwayne McDonald, 34; Michale Rohan McGowan, 39; Fabian Anthony Wellington, 36; Kevin Ian Carter Sr., and [...]
November 16, 2023

Former Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers back GOB stance on Israel: “there are no two sides to a genocide”

In their previous separate statements, former Prime Ministers Said Musa and Dean Barrow (who were both also Ministers of Foreign Affairs) and former Ministers Assad Shoman [...]
November 8, 2023

Government says vetting for 12,765 migrants in Amnesty Program will continue until March 2024

Accordingly, stakeholders are informed that the valid “white” Amnesty Program receipts issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade, and Immigration are a legal document [...]
October 27, 2023

Americans wanted in catamaran theft allegedly came to Belize without visitor’s permit

Elexa Taylor Chism, 26, a bartender of Austin, Texas; Karim Osman, 29, a bar owner; and 45-year-old attorney David Blake Pendergrast were arraigned in the Belize [...]
October 19, 2023

Guatemalan man cries in court after pleading guilty to failure to get extension to visitor’s permit

27-year-old Mario Antonio Mejicanos Chavez, a Guatemalan national who came to Belize in April and was granted a permit to remain for a month, failed to [...]
October 14, 2023

New Immigration laws set one-year residency period for children of non-Belizeans who obtain citizenship; end attempts to obtain benefits from discarded Economic Citizenship Program

One instance is non-Belizean parents who become Belizean nationals applying for their children to be recognized as Belizeans as well, some of whom have no other [...]
September 9, 2023

Is keeping African national James Kojo Efrimea in jail to release evidence of extortion by corrupt immigration officers legally correct?

Orson Elrington further claims the Immigration Department wants his client, James Kojo Efrimea, to testify against their officers who he claims he paid to leave.