May 23, 2021

‘Business as usual’ at the Phillip Goldson International airport, claims Ministry of Civil Aviation

Posted: Sunday, May 23, 2021. 2:10 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: On this Sunday, claims the Ministry of the Blue Economy and Civil Aviation, it is […]
May 21, 2021

Ex-Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle to be appointed Senator

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2021. 7:58 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Leader of the Opposition Patrick Faber had indicated from the start of his term that Senator […]
May 20, 2021

“We have to always have in mind, that we are here to support the farmers,” says Minister of Agriculture Jose Abelardo Mai

Posted: Thursday, May 20, 2021. 9:05 pm CST. By Rubén Morales Iglesias: Recently the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise of Agriculture had its annual General […]
May 19, 2021

Blue Creek Cattle Producers Association keeps exporting to Mexico, praises Agriculture Minister Jose Abelardo Mai

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2021. 7:31 pm CST. By Rubén Morales Iglesias: “Blue Creek has approximately 104 farmers and about 22,500 head of cattle. As is no […]
May 19, 2021

Government comments on airport workers strike: ‘We were prepared’

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2021. 6:28 pm CST. By Benjamin Flowers: Today, workers from several sections of the Department of Civil Aviation walked off their jobs […]
May 19, 2021

To improve quality of Belizean vegetables, testing is necessary says New River Farmers Cooperative Secretary Max Hernandez

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2021. 12:43 pm CST. By Rubén Morales Iglesias: “The consumer wants a carrot that has good flavour,” said Maximiliano Hernandez, secretary of the […]
May 19, 2021

Public Service Union responds to Labour Commissioner: “You should be doing your job”

Posted: Wednesday, May 19, 2021. 12:06 pm CST. By Benjamin Flowers: Yesterday the Labour Commissioner, Ann Marie Thompson condemned the unions currently on strike against the […]
May 16, 2021

Teachers’ strike will continue! Public Service Union still unsure

Posted: Sunday, May 16, 2021. 6:57 pm CST. By Benjamin Flowers: The Belize National Teacher’s Union (BNTU) has decided to continue strike action in the upcoming […]