May 31, 2024

Redistricting report introduced but P.M. unsure of progress amid opposition

There are concerns from elected representatives about the recommendations in the report, which is expected to be rejected by the Lower and Upper Houses due to [...]
May 23, 2024

House to finally debate redistricting as PEACE Movement calls on Governor-General to intervene against early election

The Report referred to in the Bill has attracted opprobrium all around and is currently the subject of an application in the High Court to order [...]
May 22, 2024

Electoral redistricting case goes back to court

The Commission and the Claimants entered into a Consent Order in which the Commission acknowledged that the Commission needed to do its job under the Constitution. [...]
May 14, 2024

Anthony “Boots” Martinez to court over recall petition

Some 188 names on the petition were deemed not to have signatures matching those on file with the Department, which means their status as voters in [...]
April 30, 2024

Media Institute of the Caribbean recommends changes to legislative framework for Freedom of Information/Access to Information Acts

Their Legislative Review Report, conducted in association with the UK AID Office, recommends some amendments to reverse tendencies by Governments to limit the type of information [...]
March 8, 2024

Budget Speech: Revenues for 2024 projected to top 1.5 billion, expenditure gap narrows

Expenditure by the Government amounts to $1.604 billion. According to the Prime Minister, the Government will pay out 73 cents in every dollar for recurrent expenditure [...]
March 7, 2024

It’s Budget time – General Revenue and Appropriation Bill to be presented to the House on Friday

The General Revenue and Appropriation Bill, commonly and informally called the Budget, is the primary instrument by which Belize functions – if there is no money [...]
March 7, 2024

House meets Friday in the wake of redefining municipal elections for Budget reading

No Orders of the Day have been posted on the National Assembly website as per normal before a meeting. Expected to be at the top of [...]