October 23, 2022

Official Coast Guard boat apparently deliberately set on fire, police say

Posted: Sunday, October 23, 2022. 2:45 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Police are treating the burning of a 38-foot vessel belonging to the Belize Coast Guard […]
May 6, 2022

Commissioner of Police speaks to the creation of Legal Affairs and Compliance Branch of Police Department

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2022. 8:14 am CST. Photo Credit: Channel 5 News By Aaron Humes: The Commissioner of Police Chester Williams has responded to suggestions […]
March 10, 2022

Commissioner of Police says deadly firearm removed in anti-gang operation

Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2022. 11:17 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Tonight, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams is celebrating the removal of a key weapon from […]
February 27, 2022

Ukraine crisis leads to freezing out of Russia in sports

Posted: Sunday, February 27, 2022. 10:49 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: In the world of sport, the Russian Federation is being frozen out. According to the […]
February 23, 2022

BREAKING: Russia announces “military operation” in eastern Ukraine as Ukraine president vows country will defend itself

Posted: Wednesday, February 23, 2022. 10:26 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Earlier tonight (early Thursday morning), President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin announced military operations […]
January 30, 2022

Belize to host regional security conference with U.S. Southern Command

Posted: Sunday, January 30, 2022. 10:16 am CST. By Aaron Humes: Starting Monday, January 31, Belize will host high-level defense and security leaders from the United […]
January 20, 2022

Ministry of Immigration grappling with handling of migrants coming into Belize by air

Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2022. 11:20 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration intends to get a grip on […]
January 16, 2022

Dominican lawyer says court’s hands were tied in Novak Djokovic deportation

Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2022. 12:03 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Tennis star Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia earlier on Sunday after losing a court […]