May 20, 2023

European Union provides further support for activity in the Belize-Guatemala border area

On Friday, a delegation led by the EU’s ambassadors in both countries – Marianne Van Steen (Belize) and Thomas Peyker (Guatemala) and ambassadors of EU member [...]
May 20, 2023

ComPol Chester Williams appointed interim president of regional police commission

There were changes in the heads of department of the Presidency and Vice Presidency, held respectively by Costa Rica and Guatemala, as of December 2022.
May 4, 2023

Major gun and ammunition haul at Southern Long Caye

A black AK-47 assault rifle along with a magazine containing thirty 04-77 live rounds of ammunition and a plastic bag containing 16 rounds, nine of 04-77 [...]
May 3, 2023

Commissioner of Police warns Leader of the Opposition: ‘You should not play politics with the lives of the Belizean people’

As for Musa, Barrow said he “has not been able to deliver” and that the Prime Minister should intervene and move him on, adding that he [...]
May 1, 2023

“Belize does not belong to Guatemala!”: Territorial Volunteers complete memorial trip despite armed forces’ aggression

This year’s trip was held on Saturday and was marked by Guatemalan Armed Forces personnel demanding the Belizean boats “show them their documents” and insisting that [...]
April 30, 2023

Belizean-American from Houston receives Naval Reserve Scholarship to Prairie View A&M University

Jem Athena Flowers, daughter of Belizean Carlotta Reneau Flowers, is headed to Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas, a part of the Texas A&M [...]
April 18, 2023

Caribbean immigration: Politicians spar over treatment of Jamaican, Haitian nationals

In an appearance on Channel 7 News’ morning program, the P.M. said it was a balance between encouraging travel from the Caribbean under the Revised Treaty [...]
April 13, 2023

More reforms to laws addressing money laundering, terrorism prevention

This week, Cabinet gave its recommendation for amendments to the Law Revision Act to better reflect the current state of the law with respect to Money [...]