June 29, 2022

Flying nowhere but prison: R. Kelly sentenced today to 30 years in jail in sex trafficking case

Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2022. 6:53 pm CST. By Rubén Morales Iglesias: The ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer is flying nowhere but prison. On Wednesday, he […]
June 21, 2022

Man Charged for the Rape of a Woman in San Ignacio

Posted: Tuesday, June 21, 2022. 3:58 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Police have arrested and charged 49-year-old Brian Gentle of San Ignacio Town with rape. Acting […]
June 8, 2022

Belize City man convicted of raping 15-year-old girl

Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2022. 9:24 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Fitzharris Howard of Belize City will be sentenced on July 11 after being convicted today […]
May 31, 2022

Convicted sex offender, charged with burglary with intent to rape, out on bail ahead of trial

Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2022. 6:17 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: 44-year-old Francisco “Indian” Gomez, charged with burglary with intent to rape and harm, and previously […]
May 17, 2022

After rape claim, Police press officer denies intervening to turn away complaint against relative

Posted: Tuesday, May 17, 2022. 9:17 am CST. By Aaron Humes: It was almost an aside during Friday’s meeting of the House of Representatives, at the […]
April 24, 2022

UDP-National Organization of Women condemns reported acts of violence against women

Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2022. 9:54 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: A rash of incidents of violence against women in Belize reported in recent days – […]
April 20, 2022

Senior Diplomat Alexis Rosado out on $5,000 bail following charges of rape and sexual assault

Posted: Wednesday, April 20, 2022. 3:54 pm CST. By Aaron Humes: Breaking Belize News (BBN) has confirmed that Belize’s Ambassador to the European Union (EU), Alexis […]
March 28, 2022

33-year-old man charged for unlawful sex with 13-year-old girl three times

Posted: Monday, March 28, 2022. 6:56 pm CST. By BBN Staff: A 33-year-old man from Corozalito village is behind bars tonight following accusations of having unlawful […]