May 14, 2024

Convicted attorney Oscar Selgado faces sentencing for abetment to murder

Selgado experienced a near-fainting spell in court and Justice Nigel Pilgrim adjourned the case until Friday morning, May 17.
April 24, 2024

Legal woes deepen for Orson “O.J.” Elrington as General Legal Council finds ‘grave professional misconduct’ in handling of Social Security Board claim

Those sanctions include, in descending order of severity, (a) the removal of the attorney’s name from the Roll; (b) the removal of the attorney from practice [...]
January 15, 2024

High Court hosts hybrid opening of legal year on Tuesday

Part of the reason is that the old Treasury Building, which hosts the event, is still being refurbished following the ravages of Hurricane Lisa in November [...]
October 21, 2023

Defense attorneys say High Court showing less understanding on bail for defendants

Currently, such offenses are treated similarly to murder, rape, and certain sexual offenses – the Magistrate is barred in law from granting bail in the first [...]
October 4, 2023

Attorney Oscar Selgado’s trial for abetment to commit murder begins with reports of missing and lost evidence

Selgado is accused of, in February of 2019, hiring a man to kill a woman who had reported him to the General Legal Council following claims [...]
February 10, 2023

Bar Association announces new executive following Annual General Meeting

The executive is rounded out by vice president Jose M. Alpuche; treasurer Stevanni Duncan Ferrera; secretary Kimberly Wallace and executive committee members Estevan Perera, Adler Waight, [...]
March 24, 2022

Bar Association elects new executive

The association chose its new executive at a recently held Annual General Meeting where Andrew Marshalleck Senior Counsel (SC) was elected as the new President.
November 13, 2021

Bar Association of Belize speaks up for Director of Public Prosecutions

The Bar Association of Belize, in a statement, described the social media statements against Director Vidal as “baseless and scurrilous”, echoing her words from a rare [...]