March 24, 2023

Prime Minister promises consultation with non-governmental organizations after “forced” non-profit organization legislation

After being read a first time in the House on March 10, the Bill has already been sent to the House’s Public Service, Labour, Industry and [...]
March 2, 2023

Maya women map out next phase of communal land rights as CCJ holds monitoring hearing

The keynote speaker is Toledo native and former SATIIM executive director Dame Froyla Tzalam, Governor General of Belize, with Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, Minister of Human Development, Families [...]
February 26, 2023

Trade Union Congress backs Joint Union Negotiating Team; delineates points of contention with the Briceño administration

In a statement, the Congress discussed the issues of increment restoration, collective bargaining and pension reform. It offered blanket support for the restoration of increments “within [...]
February 15, 2023

Public Service Union concerned about well-being of public officers following reports of sick outs

The PSU issued a statement this evening, saying that it was "informed" that hundreds of public officers called out of work today, prior to the commencement [...]
February 10, 2023

Bar Association announces new executive following Annual General Meeting

The executive is rounded out by vice president Jose M. Alpuche; treasurer Stevanni Duncan Ferrera; secretary Kimberly Wallace and executive committee members Estevan Perera, Adler Waight, [...]
February 7, 2023

Joint Unions: Restore increments by April 1 – or else!

They insist that they have seen no evidence to suggest anything that would stop increments from being restored as part of the forthcoming budget, that is, [...]
January 24, 2023

Toledo Alcaldes Association names new executive

An official handover ceremony was held on January 21 in the village of Blue Creek - 8 Aq’ab’al on the Maya calendar, which signifies a new [...]
January 11, 2023

NGOs say they stand ready to assist with solutions to gun violence

The BNN issued a statement this week, lamenting the deaths of brothers Jon and David Ramnarace and the attempted murder of their wives. The network noted [...]