May 5, 2024

Woman fights off potential armed rapist at home despite taking hammer blow to head

The complainant, 24 years old, told police that she was at home in her bedroom on Butterfly Street, sleeping, when she was awakened by a slim [...]
April 29, 2024

Common-law husband accused of raping partner’s teenage daughters in Stann Creek District

According to police, a female from Santa Cruz village informed them that she was at home when she saw her neighbor, a mother of two female [...]
April 23, 2024

San Pedro man charged after getting 14-year-old girl pregnant

The minor reported to San Pedro Police in December of 2023, a week before Christmas, that she was allegedly living with Canul and having intercourse with [...]
April 23, 2024

Belize City man charged with raping a child

According to the official report, on Thursday, April 11, a minor female, accompanied by a social worker, visited the CIB Precinct Three Police Station and reported [...]
April 16, 2024

Prime Minister says “no laws were broken” in Andre Perez investigation by Attorney General

The Prime Minister admitted that one could “question the judgment” of the Minister, but neither his primary accuser nor anyone else presented evidence during the investigation [...]
April 10, 2024

Volunteer BDF soldier charged with rape

Nolberto, a volunteer with the Belize Defence Force (BDF), appeared before a Magistrate who explained to him that the offense for which he was charged was [...]
March 12, 2024

Uncle, 64, is convicted of incest and molestation of his niece at the age of 13

High Court Justice Candace Nanton convicted the accused following testimony from the teenager that he had had sexual intercourse with her twice in April of 2019 [...]
March 12, 2024

Attorney Orson Elrington finally faces rape charge

It came, the Director told reporters earlier on Friday, after “I met with the complainants in the matter and based on what they said to me, [...]