August 16, 2023

14-year-old girl reports unlawful sexual intercourse with Corozal man

On Tuesday, August 15, a woman of Corozal District visited the police station with her 14-year-old, who reported that between December 2022 and August 2023, she [...]
August 16, 2023

Belize City man charged for attempting to kiss minor girl, 12

But he is behind bars, denied bail and remanded until his next court appearance on October 17.
July 21, 2023

“Disrespectful” nephew accused of showing private area publicly and damage to property

21-year-old Mayron Myvett is a resident of San Ignacio Town. He was charged with damage to property belonging to his aunt Maria Gentle at her residence [...]
July 10, 2023

Law which makes it a crime to spread HIV repealed

In the House, Minister of Health, Kevin Bernard, stated: “Punitive laws are not the most effective way to combat this epidemic. They can, in fact, pose [...]
June 25, 2023

Belize remains at Tier 2 on U.S. Trafficking in Persons Report 2023; police say they need more victims cooperating

Of particular issue is the apparent failure to address “official complicity” in trafficking; failure to convict individuals participating in trafficking, nor launch new investigations; and not [...]
June 1, 2023

Police Commissioner suggests Kareem Martinez sentence “excessive” but condemns ex-special constable, cop with wandering hands

29-year-old Kareem Martinez will have 18 years in prison to contemplate the fatal shot that took the life of Laddie Gillett nearly two years ago in [...]
May 26, 2023

Father convicted of six counts of incest after being found guilty of having sex with his own daughter, aged 13

The acts took place starting when the girl was 13 and continued to December 2019, when she was 18.
May 26, 2023

Ex-special constable to serve a concurrent 12-year sentence for multiple sex assaults

Chavez was found guilty of one count of assault of a child under sixteen by penetration and two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse of the same [...]