December 20, 2023

International News: Donald Trump ruled ineligible to hold office by Colorado Supreme Court

It is thus the first court to find that the disqualification clause of the 14th Amendment applies to former President Donald Trump, in addition to affirming [...]
November 22, 2023

March for Palestine: Belizeans defiant as they take over downtown area

Prime Minister John Briceño, at the head of the grouping, succinctly summarized the national position as advocated by the Government: “We condemn Hamas, Israel has a [...]
October 15, 2023

‘Shyne’ Barrow denies paying Friday protestors; says he does not condone aggressive actions against Police

But after Barrow was seen talking at the foot of the Assembly following the end of the protest after 2 p.m. while the House was suspended, [...]
September 6, 2023

Tracey Taegar-Panton, Omar Figueroa, and Hugo Patt oppose UDP National Party Council removal of Jazelie Azueta for ‘rookie’s mistake’

Albert area representative Tracey Taegar-Panton; Cayo North standard bearer and former representative Dr Omar Figueroa and deputy leader Hugo Patt all voted against the motion, which [...]
August 28, 2023

Commissioner says Opposition can protest Andre Perez in San Pedro Town, but not near Investment Summit

The problem appears to be the location, which is the Grand Caribe Resort north of downtown which is the site of this week’s Investment Summit 2023 [...]
April 25, 2023

International News: Harry Belafonte, entertainer and campaigner, dies aged 96

He was one of the first and most successful African-American entertainers, winning hearts on Broadway, stage and screen, but as he himself noted, he was long [...]
March 8, 2023

Sugar industry division: ex-advisor says BSCFA must convince BSI/ASR as rival associations line up behind millers

Former deputy government and party leader in the People’s United Party (PUP), Florencio Marin Sr., who was appointed despite some controversy to be an advisor to [...]
March 8, 2023

Members of Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association lead protest outside Sir Edney Cain Building during BSI presentation to Cabinet

Between 100 and 200 members, joined by Opposition Leader Moses “Shyne” Barrow and deputy Hugo Patt, set up camp on Melhado Parade in view of the [...]