July 16, 2024

Cops nab three for discarded marijuana in Santa Elena

Police were at the residence of Minor Galindo, whose name has been in the news recently, and at the back of his property collared three individuals [...]
July 16, 2024

Good boys: K-9 dogs sniff out cannabis in Esperanza, Cayo

Police searched Joana Lopez's residence in Esperanza village. Joana Lopez, Deborah Lopez, and Antonio Gonzales were present at the time. During the search, suspected drugs were [...]
May 11, 2024

Police strip George Street Gang of weapons, drugs during Friday raid

An abandoned lot was searched and officers discovered a black bag kit bag that was buried under a mango tree. The bag when opened contained individually [...]
May 3, 2024

Police Exhibit Keeper to be tried for willful oppression in High Court

Bustillos became the central figure in an incident of alleged cannabis poisoning caused by marijuana-laced candies that were distributed by persons unknown in April of 2023, [...]
April 23, 2024

Police confront new frontier after major bust on offshore islands

According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, one of the islands is believed to be in use as a stash house for drugs. There had been [...]
April 5, 2024

San Pedro Town man with weed stash avoids jail

Savery pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of controlled drugs with intent to supply for 839 grams and 97 grams of marijuana found during a [...]
April 2, 2024

Police raided Porto Stuck Island and found lots of drugs – Belize City man charged

Davis, represented by Leeroy Banner, pleaded not guilty to all five offenses with which he was charged: separate possession of 125 grams of cocaine, 56 grams [...]
March 29, 2024

Trio out on bail after being charged with trafficking crack cocaine

Travis Theodore Hislop, 44; Ariana Amari Adolphus, 18; and Adrianna Adolphus, 20; appeared in court unrepresented on Wednesday and were each read a single count of [...]