February 29, 2024

Nine-year-old dies hours after falling off a bicycle

A police report says that nine-year-old Amylie Augustine of Reggae Street, Belize City, was riding her 20-inch bicycle on the street when she fell. She told [...]
February 13, 2024

Shedrack White not fit to stand trial for murder, High Court rules; remains detained at “His Majesty’s pleasure”

White has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, one of the most serious of all mental illnesses, and the Chief Government Psychiatrist has found he will remain on [...]
January 31, 2024

Ministry of Health and Wellness conducts Cancer Awareness Sessions across Belize 

Today, the Ministry of Health and Wellness continued with Cancer awareness sessions in Mahogany Heights community with the Community Health Worker, Health Education and Community Participation [...]
December 15, 2023

Ministry of Health and Wellness launches holiday ‘Don’t drink and drive’ campaign 

The initiative commenced in Corozal Town with a traffic stop, providing commuters with vital information about the perils of drinking and driving.
November 17, 2023

Ministry of Health & Wellness Acknowledges the Recognition from PAHO/WHO

The Ministry of Health & Wellness, on behalf of the Government of Belize, acknowledges with deep appreciation the commendation from the Pan American Health Organization/World Health [...]
November 8, 2023

Ministry of Health and Wellness observes International Day of Radiology

“This annual event provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the dedicated efforts of our incredible team of radiologists, radiographers, assistant radiographers and healthcare [...]
October 16, 2023

“Falsified Tylenol” found and removed from supermarkets by Ministry of Health

Tylenol is the commercial brand name for the drug known as paracetamol or acetaminophen, manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, part of Kenvue Incorporated, formerly the Consumer [...]
August 5, 2023

International News: U.S. FDA approves of first oral postpartum depression treatment

The drug, called zuranolone, is a once-a-day pill that will be branded as Zurzuvae by drugmakers Sage Therapeutics and Biogen.