March 1, 2022

Christian Workers’ Union president says banks refusing to do business with them

The Union and the Government opened a particular account at the National Bank of Belize to handle disbursements, but some stevedores had not been able to [...]
March 1, 2022

Lawyers for Christian Workers’ Union (CWU) assert they did nothing wrong in paying stevedores

Attorney Darrell Bradley, who along with Magalie Perdomo represents the Union, argued that nothing was in place preventing the CWU from distributing the funds, not even [...]
February 8, 2022

Legal changes coming: Legislation introduced to speed up hearings, introduce more judge-only trials, address defamation and protect witnesses

The Indictable Procedure Act is to be amended to expand the list of criminal offenses to be tried without a jury; virtual trials; and allow the [...]
February 3, 2022

Legal changes to be made to allow for virtual court trials, protection of witnesses

The Attorney General has been authorized to present amendments to the Inferior Courts Act to allow the Magistrate Rules Committee to make rules for virtual trials.
January 20, 2022

More offenses to be tried by judge alone; revisions to be made to Libel and Defamation act; Money Lenders act

At the next sitting of the House of Representatives, Cabinet has approved a bill to amend the Indictable Procedures Act, Chapter 96 of the Laws of [...]
January 18, 2022

Three Canadian women and a Jamaican join Belize Supreme Court

The quartet is Canadian nationals Patricia Farnese, Suzan Lamb, and Genevieve Chabot along with Jamaican national, Ricardo Sandcroft.
January 18, 2022

Representatives of the Bar and Registry address Supreme Court

Speaking for boss Trienia Young, Registrar of the Supreme Court, deputy Patricia Arana lamented the loss of the personal touch brought to service by the General [...]
January 18, 2022

Chief Magistrate and Family Court Director address Supreme Court opening

Chief Magistrate Frazer noted the loss of several Magistrates due to retirement and resignation, which added challenges on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, though welcomed back [...]