May 25, 2016

Judge to decide fate of woman accused of murder

By Aaron Humes: Justice Troadio Gonzalez is to hand down a ruling next Monday, May 30, 2016 in the case of Calaney Flowers, accused of the [...]
April 13, 2016

Kareem Clarke killer to be tried for murder

By Aaron Humes: KREMANDALA journalist Kareem Clarke was murdered on July 6th, 2015.
March 18, 2016

Court of Appeal drops two cases, upholds two others

By Aaron Humes: The final day of the Court of Appeal’s March session took place today with announcements of judgments.
March 18, 2016

Ronald Ramsey beats murder charge

By Aaron Humes: 19 year old Ronald Ramsey Jr., accused of the murder of 25 year old Kenroy Parham on November 28, 2014 in Mahogany Heights, [...]
March 15, 2016

Osmer Sabido takes the stand in murder trial of Christie Carrasco

By Dalila Ical: Osmer Sabido, accused of the stabbing death of his girlfriend, Christie Carrasco on February 28th 2011 took the stand this afternoon for well [...]
March 15, 2016

Dr. Mario Estradaban takes the stand on Osmer Sabido trial

By Dalila Ical: The murder trial for Osmer Sabido, accused of killing his then-girlfriend, 21 year old Christie Carrasco continued today at the Orange Walk Supreme [...]
January 28, 2016

Ex-MOE “open vote worker” sues GOB for termination

By Aaron Humes: The Supreme Court today began hearing a case that could have impact on the employment of so-called “open vote workers”, those who do [...]
January 18, 2016

Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Segura’s fate “in hands of courts”

 By Aaron Humes: Deputy Police Commissioner Miguel Segura is in limbo, interdicted, stripped of his police powers and facing criminal charges and at least one civil [...]