December 1, 2023

Michael “Chucky” Baptist Jr., 27, found guilty of dangerous harm on his former stepfather

Baptist was tried before High Court Justice Nigel Pilgrim and the jury for the past week and will be sentenced on January 30, 2024. He was [...]
November 29, 2023

Courts see delays and adjournments as issues within justice system continue

But it was a different story on Tuesday as our court reporter confirmed that there was a definite go-slow that affected judicial work in the High [...]
November 29, 2023

Texas seeks Belmopan businessman Osmar Correa to be tried for DUI manslaughter – extradition proceedings begin

Correa lived in the state of Texas when in 1998, he is believed to have absconded while out on bail for a charge of manslaughter while [...]
November 27, 2023

Court proceedings brought to standstill with reported sick-out by judicial workers

Those involved include prosecutors, Crown Counsel in the Attorney General’s Ministry, Legal Aid, others in Government departments and Magistrates.
November 24, 2023

Jaylen Herrera, former uncooperative witness in murder case, charged with murder of Sean Menzies

Jaylen Alexander Herrera, 20, previously charged as a minor along with Miranda and Contreras, is accused again of murder as well as perjury and perverting the [...]
November 15, 2023

Charles Martinez found guilty of raping 9-year-old child

Martinez was accused of dragging the 9-year-old child from a home she was staying, taking her into a bathroom behind another house, pulling down his pants [...]
November 14, 2023

Opposition Leader wonders where are the Belizeans in the Judiciary

Barrow claims to Briceño that “…since your taking office, not a single Belizean has been appointed to a post of Judge of the High Court. Under [...]
November 10, 2023

David Gonzalez convicted of murder of wife and mother Marisela Gonzalez in San Pedro

Gonzalez shot Marisela once in the head at their residence after they came home from a night out, dragged her body to a garbage site, disposed [...]