May 22, 2023

Leader of the Opposition walks fine line between support for potential cruise port and backing justice for stevedores following meeting with trade unions

As part of their wide-ranging discussion of national issues important to both sides, Barrow spoke up on behalf of the stevedores and the enforcement or lack [...]
May 21, 2023

New Christian Workers’ Union president elected; ‘Mose’ named special advisor

Flowers in a vote defeated Marlon Middleton, lead negotiator for the stevedores which are the most powerful of the Union’s many collective bargaining units; she was [...]
May 14, 2023

National Trade Union Congress strikes out again with fifth request to meet Prime Minister

The Congress publicized its May 3 letter to John Briceno asking for a date between May 8 and 12, but the P.M. left on May 11 [...]
May 11, 2023

Stevedores back to work, but despite face-to-face meeting today, stand-off between Port of Belize Limited and Christian Workers’ Union continues on waterfront

CWU president Evan “Mose” Hyde noted that further meetings are scheduled with the Ministry of Labour this afternoon and the Chamber of Commerce on Friday and [...]
May 10, 2023

Ruth Shoman rescinds resignation from Teacher’s Union; outgoing president Elena Smith says ‘we are moving forward united’

Outgoing president Senator Elena Smith told reporters that she was “disappointed” by Shoman’s handling of her resignation, particularly the suggestion that she, Smith, failed to speak [...]
May 8, 2023

Ruth Shoman stands down from Teachers’ Union presidency

Shoman was elected in April at the BNTU National Convention in Orange Walk over Dangriga’s Ifasina Efunyemi to succeed the term-limited Senator Elena Smith.
May 3, 2023

Police looking for 19-year-old Christopher Pitts

The Belize Police Department issued an official wanted poster for Pitts on Tuesday, saying that he is wanted in connection with an ongoing investigation.
May 1, 2023

Trade Union Congress President Luke Martinez: “There is absolutely no capital without labour”

Martinez, delivering the annual Labour Day address on behalf of the Congress, credited the Government for the restoration of lost wages and increments; increasing the minimum [...]