February 26, 2023

Trade Union Congress backs Joint Union Negotiating Team; delineates points of contention with the Briceño administration

In a statement, the Congress discussed the issues of increment restoration, collective bargaining and pension reform. It offered blanket support for the restoration of increments “within [...]
February 20, 2023

Critical sectors in focus as Prime Minister, Cabinet announces budget day for fiscal year 2023/2024

The Government has indicated that its budget priorities will focus on critical sectors such as health, infrastructure, education, and the judiciary. Interested parties will be monitoring [...]
February 17, 2023

KHMH workers cancel further industrial action

KHMHAWU President Andrew Baird wrote the Minister late on Thursday night to say, “As part of my commitment in today's board meeting the KHMHAWU hosted a [...]
February 16, 2023

KHMH Authority: “We’ve addressed every single concern that has been brought to us”

Concerning the rash of “anecdote” letters served to union members regarding violations of the dress code on Wednesday, Nisbet-Cansino indicated that while the decision not to [...]
February 16, 2023

Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Workers’ Union warns against alleged “union-busting”

“This was further mandated yesterday and reinforced by our membership because of the agitation. The members will not tolerate the management to intimidate them and sway [...]
February 10, 2023

Teachers’ Union clarifies stance, denies defending pedophiles after miscommunication

As President Smith stated at that time, “It is a matter that as a union we do not condone. I will say that upfront, we do [...]
February 9, 2023

Where are answers for inflation and price gouging, unions ask?

As President Dean Flowers reminded during the Joint Unions’ press conference on Tuesday, “What concerns us also is the fact that fifty-two percent of our population [...]
February 8, 2023

Teachers’ Union “to fight to bitter end” for outstanding collective bargaining agreement

The sticking point, known as Proposal 22, is final payments for secondary school teachers, whom President Elena Smith said do much the same work as those [...]