November 9, 2023

Coast Guardsman in big trouble after recorded showdown with Police at nightclub

The incident was recorded on video and shows the seaman shoving the officers as they tried to restrain him after being asked to leave. He is [...]
November 8, 2023

Police investigating boat accident that killed Coast Guard Seaman Kiman Garcia

A police report states that around 2:45 this afternoon, Seaman Kiman Garcia and seven others left the Bacalar Chico Forward Operating Base en route to downtown [...]
November 5, 2023

Coast Guard rescue four stranded fishermen

The Coast Guard's report explained that "They suffered engine failure and were drifting in rough seas."
November 1, 2023

Will Belize send Police officers to Haiti?

With a representative of the National Police of Haiti in Belize for the General Assembly of Chiefs and Directors of Police of Central America, Mexico, and [...]
October 29, 2023

Foreign Minister issues latest statement of support for Palestine in Israel-Hamas war

In response, Israeli operations have cost nearly nine thousand lives, most Palestinian. The amount of explosives that have been dropped on Gaza exceeds 12,000 tons, Courtenay [...]
October 25, 2023

All clear reported in bomb scare at Sacred Heart

An expert of the Belize Defence Force searched the school after it was evacuated Tuesday morning and gave the All Clear after which classes were dismissed [...]
October 23, 2023

Christian Espat attempts to clear his name: ‘I don’t know why they are accusing me of this triple murder’

He also accuses police of “torturing” him while having him in their custody last week, as confirmed by Commissioner of Police Chester Williams today.
October 23, 2023

Accused suspects in triple murder/mass shooting were both in Police custody last week

But it was a surprise to learn from Commissioner of Police Chester Williams during a press briefing this afternoon that both men were in Police hands [...]