March 7, 2022

Team PACT heading for another Belikin Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge win

The team sponsored by Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) won the first three stages and looks to sweep the 175-mile race.
March 6, 2022

Football Federation of Belize condemns violence at Mexican football game

"The FFB is deeply concerned about the incident which claimed the lives of many innocent people. President Sergio Chuc on behalf of FFB has also reached [...]
March 6, 2022

Almost 20 people dead, more than 20 injured following brawl at a football match in Mexico

By Benjamin Flowers: As much as 17 people have been reported dead and around 22 people have reportedly been injured following a brawl that erupted at [...]
March 5, 2022

Wagiya match up against Caesar Ridge Sunday evening in Belmopan

Wagiya Sporting Club are hosting Caesar Ridge on Sunday evening at the FFB Stadium as both try to get out of the bottom in the FFB [...]
March 5, 2022

Ahmadiyya Basketball League takes its show to Belmopan on Sunday

The Ahmadiyya Basketball League (ABL) hits the road and takes its show to capital Belmopan on Sunday, March 6, featuring it as the Belmopan Classic.
March 5, 2022

Team PACT leads Belikin Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge after winning Stage 2

Team PACT, comprising Amado Cruz, Jerry Cante, and Daniel Cruz, today won Stage 2 of the Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge from Banana Bank [...]
March 5, 2022

Two leading FFB clubs clash head on Sunday; Verdes against Altitude in FFB Top League

National Football Champions Verdes are taking on subchampions Altitude in the biggest game of the FFB Top League’s Closing Championship this weekend. The match is set [...]
March 5, 2022

Garden City challenge the San Pedro Pirates in their own backyard tonight Saturday

Garden City challenge the San Pedro Pirates in their own backyard on Saturday evening at 7:00 at Ambergris Stadium.