November 7, 2015

High-school volleyball champs crowned in PG

Games began from around 3:00 p.m. yesterday and continued all day today, featuring female teams from Muffles College, Saint Catherine’s Academy, Belmopan Comprehensive High School and [...]
November 6, 2015

National Volleyball Championships kick off

The games are being hosted at the Julian Cho Technical High School Auditorium, which is located just a few miles outside of Punta Gorda Town and [...]
September 24, 2015

Verdes makes history

The Verdes players made a quick recovery after a disheartening loss to Queretaro last week and pulled off an impressive win after a slow start to [...]
September 23, 2015

Heavyweight boxer Fres Oquendo to fight in Belize

The 42 year old from Chicago by way of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is in Belize for a tune-up fight to be held in San Ignacio's [...]
September 15, 2015

Belize Bank supporting Adventures Sports Club

Adventures Sports Club was formed in 2000 as an experimental venture to provide families with an alternative football outlet.  Today, the program host many tournaments with [...]
September 14, 2015

Belize Bank Team – Winner of Lionman Triathlon 2015

The Belize Bank triathlon team participated in the 16th Annual Lionman Triathlon and won.  The team comprised of the swimmer Mr. Anthony Pollard who swam the [...]
September 8, 2015

Belize out of World Cup after battling draw vs Canada

Deon McCauley's 21st international goal for Belize in the 26th minute put Belize in control early, but Will Johnson hit in the 45th minute to make [...]
September 8, 2015

“Upset” Jaguars determined to reverse Canada loss

They need to upset a 3-0 scoreline at the FFB Stadium in Belmopan. The last training practice took place at Price Barracks, Ladyville, and according to [...]