April 12, 2024

“False news” leads to charges for American national

Police allege that Camp wrote inter alia via Facebook that his brother-in-law had been shot by police and hospitalized and accused of being James' killer, but [...]
March 16, 2024

‘Do the right thing:’ Vybz Kartel urges release by Jamaica Court of Appeal after Privy Council overturn

Palmer told WNYW-TV’s Lisa Evers, “I feel victorious in this very moment as the Privy Council in their infinite wisdom, understood the assignment and remedied the [...]
March 5, 2024

Belize Bank, Mastercard launch “Girls4Tech” program to promote STEM

Education Minister Francis Fonseca says Belize intends to get in on the international science and technology revolution for girls and women and is happy to participate [...]
March 5, 2024

Facebook and Instagram back online after major outage

The disruption left users confused and frustrated as they were unexpectedly logged out of their accounts. Businesses across the country that rely on Facebook and Instagram [...]
February 20, 2024

Anthony Sanchez, accused sofa set Facebook scammer in Belmopan, charged for obtaining money transfer by deception

According to police, a resident of St Matthew’s village, Cayo District, reported that on February 12 he was browsing Facebook Marketplace when he visited a page [...]
February 20, 2024

Facebook land scammer imitating Lands Minister Cordel Hyde

But police sources are sure the Minister doesn’t know about someone who took money in his name via a fake social media profile promising to work [...]
February 8, 2024

Commissioner of Police charges own brother over social media posts

He famously said that his older brother is "my mother's child" and that he would not disown him.
January 30, 2024

“Buy and Sell” duo ghosted sofa buyer

According to police, the complainant said that on January 26, she was scrolling through Facebook Belize Buy and Sell page, when she saw a white leather [...]