July 27, 2021

Former Prime Ministers Said Musa and Dean Barrow sign “Let Cuba Live” open letter

The Cuban embassy in Belize made the announcement that the two former Prime Ministers signed the letter, on Monday via its official Facebook page.
July 26, 2021

CARICOM monitoring General Elections in St. Lucia

The CARICOM Observers have been at it all day from the opening of the polls this morning until the tabulation and announcement of the results.
July 26, 2021

Image Factory founder Yasser Musa shows support for Cuba

By Benjamin Flowers: Founder of the Image Factory Yasser Musa, showed his support for the people of Cuba this week, giving his thoughts on the "Let [...]
July 23, 2021

The state of insecurity in Haiti, with gangs proliferating Port au Prince, remains the same

As the world looks on Haiti to see if the French-speaking Caribbean country will be able to come out of the quagmire it’s been for most [...]
July 23, 2021

CARICOM Chairman sends well wishes to athletes competing in the 2021 Olympics

In a video message issued by CARICOM, Browne noted that the Olympics has represented the highest form of international sportsmanship for centuries. He also noted that [...]
July 23, 2021

University of the West Indies revises matriculation requirements due to late CAPE Results

UWI said that the revised matriculation requirements will “allow applicants who have their requisite CSEC subjects to qualify for normal matriculation to the UWI provided that [...]
July 21, 2021

Belize attends 7th CARICOM, Japan Foreign Ministers meeting

Mai spoke about the region’s priority in addressing the inaccessibility to financing for development which is critical for responding to, and recovering from, the pandemic. The [...]
July 21, 2021

New prime minister to lead Haiti but is change coming after assassination?

Henry is a neurosurgeon who had been appointed to the position by the president shortly before he was killed, the elections minister said Monday.