March 22, 2024

Date for ICJ oral argument on three-way territory dispute to be set in coming months, announces Foreign Affairs Minister as he salutes Belize’s “well-regarded” diplomatic profile

“All parties have complied with the requirement for written submissions to be delivered, and we are now awaiting the International Court of Justice to set a [...]
March 12, 2024

Belizean-British soldier participates in Commonwealth Day activities in London

Commonwealth Day is observed on the second Monday in March among the 56-member grouping, some of whom give the holiday in May close to the 24th [...]
January 30, 2024

Oasis camp site hit by armed robbers

35-year-old American Robert Speckman told police that around 12:30 a.m. he was confronted by six individuals in camouflage clothing and armed with at least one firearm [...]
January 22, 2024

Police to destroy 901 firearms in next phase of weapons management training

It is part of continuing management of the Police's weapon stocks as well as eliminating dangerous, obsolete, and unserviceable weapons recovered from the public, according to [...]
November 22, 2023

Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Enterprise personnel receive tilapia lab training to diagnose fish diseases

By Rubén Morales Iglesias: Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security, and Enterprise (MAFSE) personnel participated in a workshop on tilapia laboratory techniques to diagnose fish diseases last Thursday.
November 10, 2023

Belize joins fellow cryptocurrency markets in implementing worldwide standard for asset reporting and regulation

A joint statement issued today states that the Framework, which establishes a common reporting standard (CRS) for crypto-asset reporting, will ensure tax compliance and clamp down [...]
November 8, 2023

Shyne celebrates 45th birthday in the UK with former boss Diddy

But he chose to spend his day of celebration with reunited mentor Sean Combs, alias P. Diddy, who delivered his best rendition of "Happy Birthday" with [...]
November 8, 2023

Moses “Shyne” Barrow attends King’s Speech at UK Parliament

“It was truly awe-inspiring to visit the home of our Westminster Parliamentary Democracy,” Barrow said, noting that he got to stand where Nelson Mandela, late South [...]