November 20, 2023

Ministry of Sustainable Development issues response to “False List” of COP28 Delegates

As of Friday, no final list of such delegates had been prepared and ministries and partners are at present deciding how and who will participate in [...]
November 16, 2023

COP 28 Belize delegation not finalized, says Cabinet Secretary

However, according to Ambassador Stuart Leslie, Cabinet Secretary, that list has not been finalized. As he explained to reporters, “…applications for travel comes into the Cabinet [...]
October 29, 2023

Concerns over too much borrowing dominate debate in Senate on $14 million loan for blue economy project

They had another opportunity in the Senate on Thursday with a US$7 million (BZ$14 million) loan from the Inter-American Development Bank to execute a blue economy [...]
October 13, 2023

Yarborough Pumping Station is final piece of City’s flood mitigation puzzle

But for a decade, the Inter-American Development Bank and Belize City Council, along with the Ministry of Works (now Infrastructure Development and Housing), have been putting [...]
October 8, 2023

Belize Barrier Reef in danger as coral growth struggles against rising sea levels

Centered on an in-depth analysis of 22 drill cores extracted from the Belize barrier reef and its atolls, the study investigates a 9,000-year timeline of coral [...]
October 5, 2023

Cabinet News: standards for education accreditation, more firefighters and regulation of carbon credits

In the area of fire and emergency safety, the Cabinet gave its approval for the integration of emergency medical response and emergency search and rescue in [...]
October 5, 2023

Belize joins growing list of countries committed to the Kigali Amendment

The Kigali Amendment has been an instrumental global effort to mitigate the potential environmental impacts of HFCs, a group of potent greenhouse gases. Countries worldwide have [...]
September 23, 2023

Time is Running Out: World leaders slam major polluters, China and USA absent at UN climate summit

Countries, particularly those most vulnerable to climate change, took advantage of the opportunity to call for immediate and decisive action. Among the 34 nations invited by [...]