January 8, 2014

Penner Recall Petitition fails; signatures did not add up

The Election and Boundaries Department this morning hosted a press conference to explain the reasons why the attempt to recall the Honorable the member for Cayo [...]
January 7, 2014

Motorcycle crashes on the Southern Highway

There are reports of a road traffic accident on the Southern Highway.
January 6, 2014

Janelle Chanona takes over leadership of Oceana-Belize

The Chief Executive Officer of Oceana Andrew Sharpless has high praises for the organization’s new Vice President in Belize Janelle Chanona.
December 17, 2013

Prime Minister Dean Barrow attends Petro Caribe meeting in Venezuela

Prime Minister Dean Barrow is in the Venezuelan capital Caracas today for the Second Extraordinary Meeting of ALBA/PETRO CARIBE initiative.
December 8, 2013

Canadian government donates military equipment to the BDF

The donation is from the government of Canada, through its Department of Defence.