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March 11, 2014
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March 11, 2014

Man charged for Placencia jewelry store robbery


Lionel Vasquez (Charged with robbery)

Posted: Tuesday, March 11, 2014. 5:45 pm CST.

Lionel Vasquez (Charged with robbery)

Lionel Vasquez
(Charged with robbery)

PATRICK E. JONES Reporting: One month after a jewelry story robbery in Placencia village, police have nabbed a man they believe was involved.

The suspect, identified as Lionel Vasquez, is a resident of Seine Bight village and police today announced that he has been charged for the crime of robbery.

Lionel Vasquez (Charged for theft)

Lionel Vasquez
(Charged for theft)

The jewelry store robbery happened in the month of February and police say that their investigation has so far led to the recovery of $19,000 worth of stolen loot.

Five pieces of jewelry with an estimated value of $4,500 have still not been recovered by authorities.

The police in Placencia village is asking anyone with information that could assist in the recovery of the remaining stolen jewelry to contact them as soon as possible.


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  1. Annoyed Person says:

    So what happen to the young girl Westby who had work in the shop and admitted to the police she did it. Hummm Because she a friend and family she was not charge. Its make you wonder how out justice system works. If he can be charge she should too. She stole the stuff and the police has evidence and covering it up. They are covering up some stuff because of the family. Mr. Flower need to go from Placencia

  2. Annoyed Person #2 says:

    I Agree with the statement above! the jewelry was buried in her grandmothers yard! how could they just charge the man? i’m sure he is taking the rap for everything and all her stories isn’t adding up. but since her mother and the owner of the jewelry shop are best gossip buddies and co workers they gonna just sweep that under the rug. what a corrupted place we live in!

  3. Very Annoyed says:

    Ms. Westby’s cousin is the commissioner of Police…Go Figure!!!!

  4. Sebastian says:

    Its ashamed how they arrested the young man for the robbery and didn’t arrest Ariel Westby for coming up with the whole idea and plus she’s the one who confest to the police that she did it and from the first day the robbery happened her story kept on changing. She’s a spoil brat and whatever she wants her mother will get it for her and now she probably couldn’t get what she wanted. And these police officers that are here in the village are complete jokes because from the time Ariel told them where the jewelry was buried that means she had something to do with it, but instead the young man is the one being charged and she is free to roam Belize city with big smile cause she new she wasn’t getting charge/arrested. And from my knowledge once your involve in any crime you must be dealt with. She was the mind behind all of this and now she’s one of the most happy person on earth right now.

  5. twocents says:

    MY family commissioner whylie .. Trust me I know to my heart have nothing to do with this .. so on the behalf of the family have a bit of respect for the man.. come on if this is being covered it starts with the police at the placencia police station.. starting with mr.mark flowers an the police who have their favourites in the village.. its been happening for a long time now. Police taking bribery and the whole nine yards.

  6. Annoyed Person #5 says:

    She should be arrested and charge. Mr. Flowers like young gal so he no a do anything.

  7. Annoyed Person # 2 says:

    Mr. Whylie would tolorate those things i agree. The young lady mother is messing with mr flowers!

  8. anonymous says:

    These comments are hilarious, you people dont even know the whole story and are commenting like you were present at the crime scene. Just because placencia is buzzing with rumors does not make it true. Everybody knows the story yet nobody was there lol.

  9. me says:

    From what i heard the jewelry store had no video camera and no security at all, how could you run that type of business without no security other than one little girl, thats the owners fault in my opinion. When youre too cheap to implement such security features this is bound to happen,luckily they did not shoot that young lady.

  10. Very Annoyed says:

    To Mr or Ms ME….that doesn’t give the “little girl” any right to THIEF…put yourself in the owners shoe…and stop talking shit!

  11. How would they shoot her and she planned it

  12. Annoyed Person #5 says:

    or shoot her self cause da she set it up. or better yet instead a say she was hit with a gun she should have shoot her self and do Placencia a favor cause she only bad and thief TO look good. Kill u self gal…THIEF.

    • me says:

      the owner is dumb for not having security cameras in the store. Did you help her set it up? how do you know it wasnt a robbery? people in placencia do nothing but sit around and make up stories its quite sad that you have nothing better to do with your lifes, that girl was attacked, why would they hit her with the gun if she set it up? retarded ass people go get a life

  13. Very Annoyed says:

    Me its seems u know a lot. Sounds like u were involved. u sure u and her didn’t plan this ting? seems like u were the one with the gun that hit her in the head, since u know for sure she was hit. stupid ass get a JOB….

  14. AP #2 says:

    all this could have been avoided if the owner had business sense and had installed cameras and a buzzer system. from the time she opened that spot she should have made sure that place was well secured. Come on, its a jewelry store!! what you think? it will attract mosquitoes instead of thieves? another point. Did they say that most of the big pieces were missing? how on earth will a thief walk in and hand select the jewelry? if i was a thief id run in and scrape up what ever i can in a couple seconds. so you know that was inside planning and the owner didn’t even have insurance on her stuff ( another dumb move)so she isn’t involved in the planning. as for the girl she should be ashamed of her self. her mother and the owner were good friends and i’m sure she screwed up that friendship. the owner helped her family a lot even taking her along on family vacations and she didn’t deserve getting a knife in the back that. Lock her sneaky behind up! she deserved to be punished so she doesn’t do it again because next time she does it somebody else will end up killing her.

  15. Informed civilian says:

    This is a sad case of business owners in belize not being proactive . I agree with the above statement video cameras would solve this all but sadly they were too cheap to have that. so now all that everyone could go off of is stories and accusations, i have some friends in the police department in placencia so i have a drift of the real story and its crazy how the ones who are suppose to protect and serve were spreading false rumors about this young lady because of jealousy and family history. theres alot more to this story than everybody knows but the truth is this was infact a robbery and NOT an inside job, There was even a witness who saw the men leaving the place. People gossip so much you would think they were in the jewelry store when it happened.

  16. me 2 says:

    F**k unu weh d se d owner of the store is cheap.I’m sure she has a better job than all u bitches.so do urself a favor n dig a hole n f***ing jump in n burry unu self rather than sit around n talk madarass. The store is now reopened n back in business.the family have no worries now.n if d little bitch was involved yes she should have been behind bars too.but sooner or later she will thief d wrong person n get get little cranny ass beaten.

    • me3 says:

      obviously your a member of the owners family. probably one of her daughters(lol). just make your you guys do it right next time and dont be cheap, messing up all types of peoples lifes, Sad.

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