Sisters knocked off their bicycle in Corozal

Corozal traffic accident

Corozal traffic accident

Monday, May 19, 2014. DEVON YOUNG Reporting: Two students from the Skeleton Town area of Corozal were knocked down as they double-rode a bicycle over the weekend.

Around 6:30 pm on Saturday, May 17, fourteen year old Vianney Pott and 11 year old Daniela Pott were sent to the neighbourhood store by their mother but instead of returning straight home after making their purchase, went to a friend’s house which is across the Phillip Goldson Highway.

On their way home, the girls were knocked off the bicycle by a truck as they attempted to cross the highway.

Vianney Pott received injuries to her face, shoulder and leg, while Daniela Pott complained of pain to her body.

Late word Monday is that an out of court settlement has been made between the family of the girls and the driver of the truck, 37 year old Elmer Donis who agreed to pay all medical expenses.

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