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Democracy Antagonizing Itself

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Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2019. 1:51 pm CST.


The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize News.

By Dr. Gerald Zuniga, Political Science Studies, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala & Universidad Mariano Galvez, Guatemala City

Obviously, democracy exist because it is our intention as human beings to make it exist. Some human beings, however, I may say, since we have observed it thru the passage of time, which is history itself, that some leaders have also shown that they possess antidemocracy gene or genes. Thanks to creation and evolution, that gene/s is/are not dominant. We still observe this to date. You may ask yourself the question, what is really the gist or essence of democracy? The gist or essence of democracy is freedom and the government of the majority for the majority.

In any society as a conglomerate of people whether “primitive” or “civilized”, everyone can’t make decisions for all. Neither can the decision made benefit 100% of the conglomerates. Such system has not existed to date and I am tempted to say that it will never exist based on our human nature. Maybe, one day in Mars but not if Mars is populated by people from Earth. They will have to be imported from Venus, if there are any, because we are who we are because of oxygen and carbon dioxiide. So, the decision made will not benefit everyone. Some will be affected by it. Some for x or y reason or mere caprichousness will agree to disagree on it. That is human nature, because the pattern has been see for milleniums. It is evidence based.
We normally hear that democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people. Very beautiful! Even rhythmic! Ideally, the decision made by this small group elected whether as the executive or legislative body should be to benefit the interest of the majority. At least that is what it is supposed to be in practice. That is the ideal. It remains precisely that; the ideal or an ideal. The reality is totally different in most scenarios. It is observed around the world or worldwide. They come and tell us during the campaign that they will do this and do that for us as the majority in society but unfortunately for the majority and fortunately for the minority in society, they will be captured by that same minority and all their efforts now become to defend the interest of the minority. The minority is normally the economically powerful so that economic power get them engulfed or trapped them or placed by them in some cases. That minority group is also usually the oligarch and status quo and they usually or always resist the dominion of the majority. However, when campaign comes again they find tactics using political marketing to sweet you up again and the vicious circle or cycle continues. Just sit down and see or hear how the world operates.


Listen to news about the parliament or legislative body of any and many countries and you will see how the legislative body elected by the majority makes decision to benefit the minority and usually at the detriment of the same majority and to put icing on the cake, that same minority benefitted, apart or put aside the majority out of the show as was seen in apartheid. The question is, do we still have apartheid practiced in the world today? Look around and make your own judgement. Same principles used but different word.


A MINOR PRIVILEGED GROUP ELECTED, MAKING DECISIONS TO BENEFIT THE MINORITY IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY WHERE THEIR FUNCTION IS TO BENEFIT THE MAJORITY IS CALLED THE ANTAGONIZATION OF DEMOCRACY. Democracy is not oligarchy where it is government of the oligarch, by the oligarch, for the oligarch as it seems to be. The oligarch is always the monority. This means that democracy and the democratic process is working against itself. Democracy has a cost which we should be always be fully aware of and we the majority should finance it always. Because those who finance it, will always do so for their interest at the detriment of ours. The least we can do, however, is not allow our vote to be paid for because you are being paid a maeger stipend for others to maintain their status quo and usually to have you in doom. Democracy has been captured. It has been captured many decades ago. Many political leaders with the interest of holding the highest executive office, less in Belize I need to say the prime ministership because according to our Constitution, the head of the executive is Her Majesty the Queen and is represented by the Governor General, come to us in the name of democracy and the democratic process. When elected, they then govern to benefit the minority or they go to the other extreme and becoming socialist, stifling our freedoms. Socialism also has its oligarchy, by the way. Eventhough, they preach us their crop or demagoguey of all of us are equal. Hello ,”Animal Farm”! They use the democractic process as a tool or vehicle to impose their ideology.
Seemingly, there isn’t and hasn’t been any political system that is human, or more humane, rather humanoide. Democracy tends to be closest.

However, democracy has to be enrouted. It has strayed away. Proof of what I am saying are the chronic discontent of people with their democratic systems because of the negative impacts of the global epidemic of violence and insecurity, rampant gross corruption and greed, and poverty on the other hand, just to mention a few. There are many people in Latin America, which was plaqued with dictatorships, yearning again for dictatorial regimes because they are not pleased with their new experience of democracy because that democracy is has served the monority usually the oligarch, and has rendered their economies little growth or recession and even economic stagnation in some cases and their basic needs not satisfied. Again benefitting only a few.

Ironically, man exploring space and the universe and the mysteries and problems of planet Earth yet unknown and unsolved. Seemingly, the pasture is greener at Mars or Mars is problem free. Summits here and summits there and the world problems remain the same and even worse. We are born to be free only to be organized in a society as social beings as we are, yet ironically, we do everything to stifle our own freedom and embold others to exercise dominion on the other at whatever cost.This only makes those with the genes of dictatorship and tyranny even happier because they see how to justify their dictatorial urge and acts.

Democracy is freedom but it is not do as you please because it comes with rights but also obligations. These rights and obligations are expressed in laws. Democracy begins at home and it carried on to state level in and by an election. At home you have regulations, rights, and obligations. Regulations; don’t open the door for strangers, outtings only on special occasions, for example. Obligations; maintain the home and environment clean, keep yourself groomed. Rights; to grow and develop in a peaceful home with your basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, health, and education met. Following these basic principles, there is less need for policing. Hence, they say in a healthy and functional society we need more teachers and less police.

Unfortunately, we are observing the opposite. Why? Because freedom as the essence of democracy, the rule of law, and the rule of the majority are antagonizing themselves. Democracy is antagonizing itself. Leading to its own self destruction and neither is socialism the answer. Socialism is just a marketable word for dictatorship. It is the euphemism for dictatorship. It is filled with demagoguey. Ironically, a socialist leader always aspire for power as an advocate for democracy. However, you get instead a demoncracy. The making of your life an inferno. Education without remuneration.

Everything in the name of the State. When the State is a small group of privileged individuals (oligarch) at the tip of the pyramid enjoying the fruit of your effort eating caviars while you are eating chicken eggs.
Until a better system comes to life, we need to conserve democracy with its democratic practices and principles. It has its weaknesses but more strengths. The majority in the world supports it so we need to recapture it and put it to the service of the majority because to date there is not a better system but presently it is captured by the minority and placed at the service of the minority (some with even perverted ideals) and it is put in place by the majority during a voting process. Ironical, isn’t it!

It is important to clarify that democracy is not capitalism. Capitalism is a mode of producing and converting wealth. It is an economic system but it uses democracy to express itself; to put itself to life. China for example, showed the world especially from 1978 to around 2013, and I am not talking about democracy here, that when you use correctly the principles of capitalism as the mode of production, the end product is economic growth and development. Adam Smith had praised China’s economy during his time. China later adopted Marxism and their economy dwindled as observed in present day Venezuela (having all the resources that generate wealth: Human and physical natural resources). The China since 40 years ago is showing the world that when you use the right practices you can make the right changes and that put into the garbage can the ideal of the demographic control theorist that too much people is equal to poverty. You may have more challenges based on the dynamism of the human nature but you can have many virtues or benefits. More people, more consumption, more consumption, more movement of wealth and more growth and development as long as the demand and supply chain is fullfilled, ceteris paribus.

One doesn’t need a degree to see that socialism is equivalent to doom. China shows it. The China before communism; the pure communist China; and the China now for the 40/41 years. I haven’t seen a developed pure socialist nation eventhough they use the United Nations to change the criteria or definition for economic and social development but they don’t even meet them themselves. If they didn’t have it before socialism, they will never have it during socialism.

Hope, we see a different trend soon and that democracy recovers its just dimension despite the wave of socialism in the U.S. When China now is enjoying the fruit of capitalism and showing us its benefits, some Americans are wanting to use the tool of democracy to impose the disaster of socialism. Which party then is Russia influencing? Not even the present Russia, who is adopting capitalism. It would be the pre-Gorbachav’s USSR. President Trump pledges a know to socialism. Will his successor have the same pledge or do we expect to see in the near future a USSA (United Socialist States of America)? Will the West become the East and the East become the West? Is it a “try out” gene that is flourishing? Wouldn’t it be nice that those people with all their wealths, thanks to capitalism, buy an island and they all go live there, practice whatever they all want including their sexual deviants and their solar this and wind that type of thing. Just a suggestion! They are in their rights. What they don’t have rights for, is to use the tool and vehicle of democracy to impose on the majority their ideal just because they have garnered economic power. In a democracy, the majority will have the say and we are vigilant.

Let democracy prevail and manage your freedom!


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