March 26, 2024

Commissioner of Police on Easter emergency: Flare-up of gang violence forced hand

The top cop reiterates that even with the Government’s efforts through the Leadership Intervention Unit, some insist on doing things the hard way, and so those [...]
March 12, 2024

Escaped convict from High Court jailed for a further two years

Mejia, while appearing in court for sentencing on a murder charge, escaped by squeezing his way through a window in the jury room on December 5, [...]
March 7, 2024
belize central prison

Prisoner reported dead inside Central Prison, Hattieville

According to Police, prison officers reported that an inmate informed them around 5:30 a.m. that a fellow prisoner was reported motionless in his cell. He was [...]
February 3, 2024

Central Prison CEO says Collin Francis moved from Special Care Unit to rehab program pending decision on competency to be tried for murder and attempted murder

Francis, 32, is charged for the murder of Nestor Vasquez Jr., 60, and attempted murder of nurse Augustina Elijio, occurring within days of each other in [...]
January 19, 2024

Hildebrand Codd still on the run following court escape

Hildebrandt Codd stands convicted of the November 29, 2018, murder of Roaring Creek resident, Densmore Owen Bowman, 32, a father who was tortured and killed then [...]
January 5, 2024

Drug addict who used deceased brother’s name sent to rehabilitation

The former bartender pleaded guilty to possession of utensil for consumption of a controlled substance, to wit a two-and-a-half-inch glass pipe for crack cocaine, and committing [...]
December 19, 2023

Won’t be home for Christmas – Mainland Chinese man denied bail on Immigration charge

He will be spending Christmas at the Central Prison on remand pending trial on the charge of being a prohibited immigrant after serving time for illegal [...]
December 12, 2023

Police Commissioner condemns “gross negligence” by officers in prisoner escapes

Of those five persons, two remain on the run: William Carabantes of San Martin, Belmopan, wanted for rape, and Hildebrandt Codd of Belize City, convicted of [...]