April 13, 2015

Military Sea hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) Visits Belize

Continuing the Promise is a collaborative effort between the United States, partner nations and non-governmental and support organizations who conduct civil-military operations, including humanitarian and civic [...]
April 7, 2015

World Health Day 2015: From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe

Changes in food production, distribution and consumption, changes to the environment, new and emerging pathogens, and antimicrobial resistance all pose challenges to national food safety systems. [...]
April 1, 2015

Ailing Stephen Okeke pleas for TV Ramos bust money

The agreement called for monthly payments of about $3,000 but none have been made since December. Several pledges from Belizeans were received but are reportedly uncollected.
April 1, 2015

Community health workers participate in a two day training

Coordinators say it’s a country-wide initiative in equipping these individuals with the right tools and knowledge in vector diseases for their communities.
March 25, 2015

“My Body Is Precious” animated and translated for children

Wednesday, March 25, 2015. AARON HUMES Reporting: In 2013 Belizean students were introduced to the book "My Body Is Precious," co-written by Special Envoy for Women [...]
March 19, 2015

New program targets drug abuse

Thursday, March 19, 2015. AARON HUMES Reporting: Belize's Ministry of Health is partnering with the Organization of American States (OAS) to launch the local version of [...]
March 16, 2015

One World Running annual Fun Run to be held on Wednesday

Monday, March 16, 2015. JUAN CAAL Reporting: Preparations are well underway for this year's One World Fun Run.
March 12, 2015

New neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit nearing completion

Thursday, March 12, 2015. AARON HUMES Reporting: Ever since the tragedy of the 13 babies who died at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) between February [...]