June 18, 2019

Belize to improve Solid Waste Management with Support of IDB and Japan

Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2019. 7:49 am CST. PM Barrow and Country Representative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Dr. Cassandra T. Rogers, as well as […]
June 12, 2019

Fish “drown” in Sittee River: DOE explains

Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2019. 3:53 pm CST. By BBN Staff: Today, the Department of the Environment (DOE) explained that the fish discovered floating dead in […]
June 12, 2019

Southeastern Watershed Alliance meets to discuss water quality

Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2019. 9:54 am CST. By BBN Staff: Members of the Southeastern Watershed Alliance Group and stakeholders gathered for a meeting on the […]
June 11, 2019

World Oceans Day 2019 commemorated

Posted: Tuesday, June 11, 2019. 12:42 pm CST. By BBN Staff: Hundreds of Belizean wavemakers country-wide observed World Oceans Day on June 8, 2019, with different […]
June 10, 2019

What’s killing the fish down south?

Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019. 6:52 pm CST. By BBN Staff: There are environmental concerns coming out of southern Belize this week, as a large number […]
June 7, 2019

Tourism Ministry conducts Global Sustainable Tourism Council Assessment

Posted: Friday, June 7, 2019. 6:04 pm CST. The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA), the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) and the Belize Tourism Industry […]
June 7, 2019

Manatee brutally slaughtered by boat

Posted: Friday, June 7, 2019. 12:25 pm CST. By BBN Staff: This morning the mutilated body of an adult manatee that was hit by a boater […]
June 5, 2019

New report on looming threats of gillnet use in Belize launched

Posted: Wednesday, June 5, 2019. 10:58 am CST. By Aaron Humes: A new report documents the usage and looming threats of gillnet usage in Belizean waters. […]

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