May 10, 2021

Chief Magistrate addresses rumors that courts are closed, says its business as usual

The unofficial notice which has no identified source alleged that the staff of the magistrate's court was staging the sick out as a means of expressing [...]
November 21, 2020

Police arrest 22 year old in Sean Menzies murder case

Jeffery Contreras, 22, of a Belize City address has been arrested and charged with the crime of 'abetment to commit murder'. Contreras was detained and charged [...]
September 1, 2020

Lisa Shoman sworn in as Supreme Court Justice

Shoman was sworn in this morning, making her the first Belizean woman and second Belizean, in general, to serve in all three branches of government.
February 5, 2020

Jevon Belizaire fined for harm in street-side altercation over bicycle

She told Belizaire that he can be sentenced to up to 5 years for harm but she will impose a fine as opposed to giving him [...]
January 31, 2020

Fin Sec indicates that Government may not appeal the Chief Justice decision re the 1.4 billion dollar spending

Pending a review of all the implications of the judgment, he said, “that is what the court has determined; I’m sure that the Minister of Finance [...]
December 18, 2019

Senior citizen car washer busted with crack cocaine

Magistrate Stephanie Gillett found the car washer guilty despite his telling the court that 85.6 grams (3.01 ounces) of crack did not belong to him.
December 18, 2019

Mark Waight beats another charge of attempted murder

Jamilia Neal testified that she and another woman were at the shop when the shooter fired and hit her left shoulder, her left hip and her [...]
October 30, 2019

Caribbean Court of Justice returns; dispute resolution framework set up, but not active

By Aaron Humes: Four and a half years on from its historic first session in the same courtroom in April of 2015, the Caribbean Court of Justice [...]