August 3, 2015

John Briceno Court Case adjourned

For context, Briceno is accused of running over the foot of Gaspar Vega’s Driver, Christopher Hendricks on January 22nd of last year at an event in Trinidad Village.
July 16, 2015

Gregory August fights mandatory life sentence

One is the matter of trial judge Adolph Lucas not directing the jury to consider August's good character when he spoke from the dock in his [...]
July 16, 2015

Devon Sankey beats murder charge

He was accused of the murder of 25 year old Renan Reneau on April 8, 2010.
July 13, 2015

Jamie Smith acquitted of murders

He was accused of the murders of Dwayne Tillet and Eric Arana on May 20, 2011, around eight in the evening on Antelope Street Extension. The [...]
June 20, 2015

BTL Heads to CCJ against former Directors over Investment in Channel 5

BTL sued and won a judgment in the Court of Appeal that declared them free of responsibility for financing Great Belize Productions, parent company of Great [...]
June 17, 2015

Court to decide on sentence for convict

Cuellar was convicted of attempted murder by a jury along with Darwin Diaz in December of 2011, but Judge Denis Hanomansingh declined to sentence him as [...]
June 9, 2015

Justices appointed to Court of Appeal

They were sworn in yesterday by the Governor General, his Excellency Sir Colville Young. Justice Ducille, an attorney, is a member of the Jamaica Bar, the [...]
June 5, 2015

Attorney and magistrate to be suspended for unethical practices

The attorney, named in other media sources, has been recommended for one year's suspension by the General Legal Council, which hears cases against attorneys accused of [...]