June 18, 2022

To an awesome Dad

By Nerisi Polonio: Bad news in Belize has become the order of the day. Gunshots have become so commonplace that we hardly even flinch at the [...]
June 10, 2022

My experience being counted in the 2022 population and housing census

I knew right away that the person at my gate was with the census because of the SIB vest and large identification card hanging from her [...]
May 29, 2022

Mary Rebecca Gillett – Eulogy and Reflections by Edward Ireland

I probably lost you in my rambling, so let me put it a bit more simply. The world was created to reveal the glory of the [...]
May 19, 2022

Belizean Born Professor in U.S. helps establish University of Belize Social Work Scholarship Fund

By: Dr. Kendra Flores-Carter; California Baptist University, Professor of Social Work
May 18, 2022

Design Depot Trading Ltd – Protect Your Home – Protect The Environment

Design Depot's customer service is first class and our priority is to ensure all customers are inspired and satisfied.
May 16, 2022

Galen University reaches out to students in San Pedro on Friday

If you’re interested in continuing your education, check out what Galen University has to offer you at the Galen University Pop-up Booth at popular night-spot Losers [...]
May 15, 2022

On Patrick Faber and Unity in the UDP – Recollections by Othon Castillo Jr.

Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Party Leader on John Saldivar: "My friend and colleague, John Saldivar." And then, Hon. Patrick Faber, UDP Party Leader speaking about  Saldivar [...]
May 11, 2022

“Time Fu Eat” For Free!

His big payday is doing the political rally rounds for the leading political party, the PDP, as they parlay his popularity into votes for the upcoming [...]